V1: I have heard that we’re lonely,
It’s been said we’re losing sleep,
One even complained about the ocean,
Said something ‘bout cold feet.

You will say that you mean to…
Well, you’re running out of time.
You will say you will once you…
Well, get in line.

CH: But I will be gone tomorrow, far from this life.
Oh I will be steppin’a outta bounds, ‘cause I’ve heard it’s alright.
Oh I will be gone tomorrow, far from this life of I wish.

V2: I hear the music’s good in Nashville,
Been told ‘bout sunshine in the West,
High times aboundin’ out in Denver,
Perhaps that L.A. is the best.

Family residing down in Houston,
San Fran, Bar Harbor, Charlotte too,
West New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Well now, that’s just to name a few.

V3: The truth is I am getting tired
Defining myself ‘hind closed doors.
Maybe when this thing is over
I’ll be a better me than before,

Because I need a little time to read my mind,
I’ve got to figure this out.
Why don’t you come along, follow this song,
And find me out?

Cause I… (repeat)