In 2016, Jeff Carl, 26-year old Nashville songwriter known for his timeless piano-based melodies, mesmorizing falsetto, dynamic vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, began rebuilding his seat at the music-making table. He had been musically silent for four years since the release of his first EP in 2011, but after a series of heartbreaks and life changes, he discovered a renewed fire within, packed up his life in New York City, moved to Nashville, and recorded his new project. In May of 2016, Jeff released a 6-song EP called "Survive" alongside a music video for the title track, chronicling his hiatus and journey as an artist through years of silence.

Jeff spent the rest of the year touring the east coast, playing festivals (opening for Noah Gunderson, Colony House, and The Last Bison), performing 27 live shows in and out of Nashville, releasing 26 live cover videos online (garnering 300,000 plays between FB and YouTube), and working to build a foundational team alongside him, including hiring manager Jonathan Smalt, affiliating with SESAC, signing on with licensing company Anacrusis, obtaining distribution through OneRPM, and even working his way onto the radar of Nashville’s renowned independent radio station, Lightning100, which honored him as “Artist of the Week” in September, along with multiple “DJ Pick of the Week” features throughout the year.

Having recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the move, Jeff Carl has no plans of slowing down. If 2016 was about getting back to a place at the table, 2017 is about staying there. Jeff's 2017 goals and highlights will include performances at Sundance Film Festival, releasing a  remix of his song “Sleeping With A Ghost,” performing at SXSW, and most importantly, getting back into the studio to record a new EP, slated for release later in 2017.





No Country For New Nashville - Music Video Premiere

Lightning100 - Artist of the Week / DJ Pick of the Week Features

News & Advance / The Burg - Cover Story

Never Say Die Media - Interview


WFXR Fox - Roanoke, VA - Lynchstock Music Festival Promo - 4/22/16 Live Performance of "Here I'm Home"

PCTV (Park City TV) - Park City, UT - Sundance Film Festival - 1/20/17 Live Performance of "Know It All"

PCTV (Park City TV)
 - Park City, UT - Sundance Film Festival - 1/20/17 Live Performance of "Survive"

WRLT 100.1 FM
- Nashville, TN - Lightning100 - 6/15/16 Radio Interview and Live Performance of "Sleeping With A Ghost"


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