After a flourishing 2016, filled with Jeff’s move to Nashville from NYC, a sophomore EP release (called Survive), an east coast tour, music video premiere, regular radio rotation, a successful online cover video series, and a handful of local performances in Nashville, Jeff went charging into 2017, performing at SXSW as part of The Nashville House and traveling to Sundance Film Festival for a unique songwriting showcase. The rest of the year was spent entirely in studios, reaproaching and reinventing his sound and songs for a brand new chapter of music. Through months of exploration with renowned Nashville producers, exploring a more synth-based, pop-centered soundscape, Jeff discovered a whole new universe for his songwriting, which brings us to now. 2018 is Jeff’s year to share his evolution from his piano-centric, singer/songwriter roots into a more confident, complete alt-pop powerhouse. First up to bat is his CAGES EP, due March 2018, introduced first by his single “Roam”, perfectly capturing the triumphant push forward in Jeff’s journey.